BEST Literacy Test Packets - Form D (20 Booklets and 20 Scoring Sheets)

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BEST Literacy is a competency-based assessment that measures adult English language learners’ ability to read and write in a variety of functional literacy tasks. Tasks include reading dates on a calendar and words and abbreviations on a train schedule, reading prices and classified advertisements, finding phone numbers in a list, writing a check, and composing short written communications. Grammatical structures identified as necessary for the accomplishment of these tasks include the simple present and present progressive tenses, “yes/no” and “wh—” questions, and negation. Language functions include imparting information, requesting information and seeking clarification.

BEST Literacy scores have been correlated with two sets of proficiency-level descriptors: the Student Performance Levels (SPLs) and the National Reporting System (NRS) for Adult Education ESL Educational Functioning Level Descriptors. Students (and their teachers) can use the results of their performance on BEST Literacy to understand their progress and current level of functioning abilities, through the related SPLs and NRS levels.

Each BEST Literacy Test Packet contains 20 Examinee Test Booklets along with 20 corresponding Scoring Sheets. BEST Literacy is available in three parallel forms (Form B, Form C and Form D). 2006.

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BEST Literacy Test Packets - Form D (20 Booklets and 20 Scoring Sheets)