Sociolinguistical Variation: Theories, Methods, and Applications

This publication features the work of widely recognized scholars in the field of sociolinguistics, brought together to honor the long and productive career of Walt Wolfram, a founder of the field and a strong believer in linking high-quality research to meaningful application.

Sociolinguistic Variation begins with discussion of key issues in variationist theory, presenting a number of perspectives, including phonology, syntax, style, and second language acquisition. Three chapters on methods following, providing clear treatments of topics in fieldwork methods, quantitative analysis, and sociophonetics. The book concludes with chapters relating to application, demonstrating the powerful impact that variationist studies can have on education, language acquisition, the law, and linguistic profiling.

Of special interest to advanced students and researchers in sociolinguistics, communication, linguistic anthropology, and applied linguistics, this comprehensive collection provides an important overview from a team of experts about key areas within the study of language variation and change. 2007. (422 pp).

Robert Bayley & Ceil Lucas (Editors)

Cambridge University Press

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Sociolinguistical Variation: Theories, Methods, and Applications