Multimedia Rater Training Program (MRTP) - Arabic

Use the MRTP - Arabic to learn to rate oral proficiency or refresh your current rating skills in modern standard Arabic.

The Multimedia Rater Training Program (MRTP) is an hands-on introduction to oral proficiency assessment that teaches rating skills via CD-ROM. This computer assisted professional development program was modeled after live rater training workshops and CAL's self-instructional Rater Training Kits. The program begins with training in the use of the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines-Speaking and then teaches users how to rate examinee performances on the Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview (SOPI) - Arabic.

Program users listen to and rate more than 200 authentic examinee responses that have been pre-rated by certified SOPI and ACTFL Raters. An adaptive component in the software allows more experienced raters to skip information they already know, making this program invaluable for use in refreshing rating skills. A library of performance samples can be used as models to apply rating skills when evaluating new examinees. 2007.

The Arabic MRTP is a companion resource to the modern standard Arabic Computerized Oral Proficiency Instrument (COPI).

Note: The MRTP is designed for use with a Windows operating system only.

Center for Applied Linguistics

Center for Applied Linguistics

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Multimedia Rater Training Program (MRTP) - Arabic