Fundamentals of Sheltered Instruction: Featuring the SIOP Model

Fundamentals of Sheltered Instruction: Featuring the SIOP Model
New Self-paced online course from CAL

This self-paced online course is designed to help administrators and teachers increase their knowledge about sheltered instruction to support the language and content learning needs of English learners. To register, click here .

Based on decades of research by the Center for Applied Linguistics on how language is learned and extensive experience working effectively with educators to help English learners succeed in the classroom, the Fundamentals of Sheltered Instruction online course is divided into modules designed to increase knowledge about how language is learned in the content area classroom and explore the characteristics and benefits of sheltered instruction. Using examples based on the widely-used and effective SIOP Model, participants learn practical activities that can be used right away in the schools and classrooms.

Each module is guided by both content and language objectives, beginning with a warm-up activity and includes a narrated PowerPoint presentation and readings. Throughout the course, participants have opportunities to reflect upon and practice the new learning; self-assess through quizzes; view real-world examples through video demonstration; and apply lessons learned through wrap-up activity. 

      Module 1: Overview of Sheltered Instruction and the SIOP Model
        This module provides an overview of sheltered instruction and outlines the eight components of the SIOP    Model. Upon completion of this module, participants will be able to identify the characteristics of sheltered instruction and recognize the eight components of the SIOP Model.

        Module 2: Learning a Second Language in the Classroom
        This module provides background on how students learn language in the content area classroom. Upon      completion of this module, participates will be able to identify principles of second language learning in the classroom, and analyze the forms and functions of academic language in sheltered lessons. 

        Module 3: Content and Language Objectives
        This module provides information on developing and implementing content and language objectives in sheltered instruction. Participants will learn to distinguish between content and language objectives, determine criteria for creating effective language objectives, practice developing objectives  for a lesson, and view video clips of teachers presenting and reviewing objectives in authentic classroom settings.

Upon registration and payment, you will receive log-on credentials for the course via the email you provided upon registration.

Each module can be done at your own pace and it should take no more than five hours to complete all three modules. You will have three months to complete the course. At the conclusion of the course, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Center for Applied Linguistics.

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Fundamentals of Sheltered Instruction: Featuring the SIOP Model